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This page is so encouraging. I have been married almost 3 years now and I have been having major martial problems. However I am trust God to change my heart. I have stopped pointing fingers at my husband and have decided to search within myself and see where I went wrong. I'm trusting God to work this out for us.

Shelley, I am so glad you were blessed by A Virtuous Woman today. I pray for healing in your marriage! With God ALL things are possible!! What you have created is beautiful. I strive to have all 10! My husband strayed from our marriage many times, and put himself first. He was very gullible to temptation. The media makes it so very easy for them. I believe we have to be the strong ones when it calls for it and be ready to hand over the yoke when they are ready.

I remind myself daily, it is God's time, not my time. God has rewarded me with a husband who has renewed his faith and straps on his armor now daily, to resist temptation. He sees me now, as a treasure rather then looking past. So, yes! Let go and let God. I believe he led me to this wonderful site to remind me of my duties as well. To look forward and not back.

To forgive frees me. I pray for my fellow sisters! Many thanks to you, Melissa, and what you have created. Melissa,as i search around to find scripture to read i came across your site,only the lord got me there,because i have no idea how i got there,but i'm glad i did.

This is awesome, I am starting a group of reading and teaching women based on Titus and Proverbs is my theme to read and introduce today. God Bless. I have been in a relationship for three years off and on. I was confused and kept dragging my last relationship into my future. Therefore, my fiance is tired now and told me this week that he does not want to be with me. But the Lord put christian people in my life and I realized that the companion I have has been great to me.

I ask the Lord to please allow me to view every with virtuous women. Hello everyone, I'm in a whirlwind, life has divided my wife and I to the point I'm not sure we will make into together. My wife says she gave up life, says she doesn't know if she wants to be married or live life. I'm beyond heart broken, we haven't divorced, and we haven't filled for separation. I've prayed and fasted, and everything I can think of but she is like stone. She only responds to messages never steps first I'm lost if you all have advice or willing to pray for my wife and I greatly appreciate it.

Hi Devon I've been married almost 4 years with two childern. Marriage is a convent that the devil fights to destroy and I can testify of this in my own marriage about stuff that my husband and I have gone through. But one thing is true that God is faithful and we must put ALL our trust in him that nor matter what storms come to battle against our marriages God is in control and HE will calm the storms. I came back from church today I felt a need for a change this season.

And I thought of checking for the word 'being a virtuous woman, so I came across your website. The write-up really inspired me these will build up my life. I'm single and I believe God placed the desire to live right and work according to Gods principles I will make it a point of duty to be a virtuous woman, because being a virtuous woman is not instant but rather a way of life. May God grant us the grace not only to be virtuous but to make it to heaven. God bless you mallisa and meet you the point of your needs. For those going through different marriage and life challenges may God reveal him self and work things out to his own glory.

God bless you. I'm soo happy and excited to have found your blog!! It is exactly what I need and what my heart has been longing for! To live my life with purpose! I just subscribed and I received the free downloads! Thanks soo much for that! I really wanted to print out the pdf version of the virtuous woman, but it's asking me to sign up for an app? Am I supposed to sign in in order for me to be able to download the printable form!! I would love to frame it up!! I need this as an example of the kind of woman I want and need to be!!

Please let me know what I need to do to get it! Eli, I checked and the link seems to be working fine. Let me know if it still doesn't work and I'll email you. This is very great. It is teachable and a helpful tips to the nations and to the entire world. As much as I would like to say this was a great article, I'd have to say that you've missed some very important information about the type of woman a Proverbs 31 woman is.

Everything you stayed was focused on housework type lifestyle. Proverbs 31 describes a woman that considers fields and buy them, and works them. It doesn't mention whether or not the husband approval is needed. Regardless, she is business savvy. The chapter states she makes and sells merchandise, has maids to help her in the house and understands product profitability, finances.

This is very much a business-minded woman with a household nurturing purpose and not a selfish one. I just gathered that your article made it seem like her capabilities and roles did not involve any decision making on the woman's part, which is not true. Hi Michelle, I'm a little confused as to why you feel this way. Everything I talked about has to do with a woman making wise decisions. I agree, shes's smart and capable and a blessing to her husband and family! Since the Bible clearly states that the husband is the head of the wife, a wife should not make big decisions that will affect the family without consulting and discussing it with her husband.

And vice versa. A husband should respect his wife enough to discuss big decisions with her. I'm a work-at-home mom. I earn a living by writing and I believe that women are amazing and have a tremendous influence and responsibility to their families. Home always comes first because home is where the family grows and is nurtured. But that doesn't mean the only work a women will do or should do is at home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Thank you for this article! It was really inspiring!!! I look forward to reading and feeling more enlighten on your website!

Keep up the wonderful work! I am a Christian woman who has been single for 13 yrs just working on my walk with Jesus. I won't settle for just being with someone to keep from being lonely, I need a man on fire for God as I am, who wants to walk this walk with me. I have read Proverbs 31 over and over and I know that I am and now can be that virtuous woman and wife to the right man, If you all could just pray God will send someone who is on fire for him as I am into my life.

Hi Melissa Thnak You for this blog Keep up the good work.. This is a great compilation of the Proverbs 31 Womens Virtues. Thank you for sharing. I am so glad I stumbled across this website. I am trying to prepare for a special service this Sunday. Every year we celebrate Girl Scout Sunday with a small local troop of girls, and it happens to be this Suday.

Most of what I found was very liberal in content and really started to make me angry and then I found this website. I'm just simply going to read to them the 10 virtues and then present them with a copy of the picture above that says it's not about being perfect it's about living with a purpose! What do y'all think? Well Val, We all know The Bible is not politically correct in this day and age, but who cares?

Thanks for explicating what a virtuous woman should be. Becoming a Proverbs 31 woman is my goal. Melissa I am teaching a small group of young ladies at my church during an Enrichment Seminar and was wondering if I could have your permission to copy and distribute your 10 Virtues as a hand out. It is a small class of less than 10 girls. Thank you in Advance. Hi Rebecca, you are welcome to print and distribute the 10 Virtues as long as you include the source. I hope your group is blessed. Thanks so much for asking! Hi Rebecca, I lead a ladies group in the UK and was preparing to share about a Virtues woman when I came across this website and love what I am reading.

Please could I could have your permission to copy and distribute your 10 Virtues as a hand out too. Of course I will mention your lovely self and a Virtuouswoman. Many thanks Renee. Absolutely, Renee! Thanks for asking! I hope your ladies are blessed! I am also teaching a small devotion group at my church. If I include your information as the source may I hand out copies? I've truly enjoyed the reading and guidance and know it will help me and others if I can share it go forth with a better and more meaningful focus. Melissa thank you so much for this site, I am so glad I came across your site at my time of need.

Me and my husband are going through some very trying time. We are both being pulled in so many directions and I have found myself looking at the man and not the God in the man. Which has caused me to fall from my up holding my Godly duties and dishonoring my husband. I to homeschool our children and work from home for myself as well as for my husband. I believe this site will be very helpful to me and my family. Thank You.

Hi Melissa, I want to thank you for this site. I'm wondering if I could have your permission to copy and distribute your 10 Virtues as a handout. I know the Women will be blessed as I was by this information. I hope your ladies are inspired! Thank You Melissa for This sight. May I please use your t'en points. Hi Melissa, I really love the way you broke down the 10 virtues of a woman. I was wondering if I could use that for a workshop I will be leading in Kenya this August? If yes, I will make sure your name is listed as a source and the website is also there.

Hi Andrea, you are welcome to use the 10 Virtues as long as credit is given. Hello Melissa, I'm teaching on the Virtuous Woman and found your website I'd like to ask permission to print a few copies for our Women's Meeting on May 19th, I will give credit to you it's worded beautifully the website has so much info. Thank you and God Bless..

Hi Gwendolyn, you are welcome to use the printed copies with credit given. Hi Melissa,Thank you so much for allowing me to use the prints on your it's beautiful. Blessings Gwendolyn. Hey Melissa! I love how you broke Proverbs 31 down to be more understandable. I am currently working on building my blog cupofpassion. My focus is to get Moms fired up for living for God. I want to encourage moms to realize they have a purpose far more than the blessings of motherhood.

Before finding my passion for writing, I felt dead inside. Proverbs 31 can be challenging to understand because it reflects perfection, but it also contains all the ingredients a woman needs to feel purposeful. I would personally like to ask for your permission to use this list, with a link back to your site, with all your credits of course. Thank you! Hi Whitney, I love that you love my list. The 10 Virtues are copyrighted by me. I'd love to have you link back to the page with the 10 virtues, but I'd rather not republish them.

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I will give credit to you. Hi Patricia, you are welcome to share as long as you credit AVirtuousWoman. Thanks so much for asking. Be blessed! Hi Melissa, I too am a busy mom, 4 kids 7 years and under. My struggle is respecting my husband in my heart. He isn't healthy, and I think a lot of it is a heart issue. I am left holding almost everything. The mothering and homemaker I can do, even handling the money. But, when I have to figure out how I can pay the bills because he didn't make it into work again most of the time due to health , spread my mama bird wings because he is being a mean old grouch or ask for help only to get the negative reaction I thought I would get I try hard to the woman God wants me to be - but do I have to relate so well to Hosea?

Just wondering if you had thoughts on how to be the Proverbs 31 woman when the husband isn't a Proverbs 31 man yet? This kind of behavior from your husband may be a type of emotional abuse used to manipulate you. It sounds like he may be taking out his frustrations on you in an unhealthy way. I hope and pray that you are able to find peace and joy in your home! Hi, I have a prayer group and would like to share this information to the group giving credit to you on the hand out and to your website.

Would that be ok? Hi Tiffany, yes, as long as credit is given that will be fine. I found this on pinterest and think it's a helpful tool. However, I find there's one thing missing. A Proverbs 31 woman must remember the poor. I don't understand the concept where you mention that you should consult your husband every time you make a purchase. You see, I'm a very successful business woman, and if I consulted my husband every time I made business decision, he'd go nuts. It would bother him more than anything else. He does know how much money I make, but he doesn't want me to ask him how to run the business.

He wants me to make my own business decisions, especially since I'm very successful at what I do. He also is a very successful businessman, and honestly, if he wants my opinion on how to operate his business, he asks me. And I do the same. But if I bothered him every time I made a business decision, it would frustrate him.

He wouldn't even know how to do it. In fact, he continually encourages me to be an independent thinker and to keep on doing what I'm doing. He is so proud of me. In fact, he often tells all his clients about what I do and how successful I am. Why would I have to ask him how to run my business, especially when he knows nothing about how to run it?

He's the one who encourages me to continue to do what I'm doing. I love that about him! He loves the fact that he married an intelligent, successful business woman. It's hard for me to imagine asking him how I should run it, especially when he doesn't know how to do it. A real Proverbs 31 woman should be intelligent enough to run her own business. After all, if she can't even run her own business, then how can she take care of her own household? We work together as a team, and quite successfully, too! We'll celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary shortly.

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I think you misunderstood what I was saying. You don't need to consult your husband every time you make a purchase. You obviously have your husband's approval already. I run my own business and I very rarely ask my husband his opinion because he doesn't know much about what I do or how I do it. And that's okay.

Sometimes women will hide purchases from their husbands. Maybe they like to shop and their husbands want them to stay in budget, but they fail to do that. That's just one example. When your husband cannot trust you with the finances, it can cause a lot of friction in your marriage.

It sounds like you and your husband have all of that worked out and that's great! I'mglad have come across this. The mention of being virtuous, strong, and independent is important. Hi Melissa, I am 15 and I am writing a bible study to lead for and to mentor our younger girls in our youth. I wanted to ask your permission to possibly use some of these characteristics in the bible study. If so I will be sure to give you credit. Hi Maddie! You are welcome to use the 10 Virtues with credit. That's so exciting! I'm proud of you! May God bless your efforts! Hi, Melissa. I am going to be teaching a ladies' seminar in West Africa and would like to hand out copies of the 10 virtues, translated into French, with credit given to you and your website.

We're anticipating somewhere between 30 and 70 ladies. May I have permission to do this? Thank you and thanks for sharing the 10 Virtues. Hi Rachel, I'd be happy to have you share the 10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman at your ladies seminar. Please be sure to give credit to AVirtuousWoman. Aw, thanks Shirley! I appreciate your sweet words of encouragement! I'm so blessed by your message series. May God bless you more for the extension of His Kingdom. This is a beautiful post Melissa!

I'm hosting a ladies conference call in 2 weeks about the Proverbs 31 Woman. I entered the search term in Google and I saw your site and clicked on it. So glad I did! Great work you're doing and I'll be following your posts! While I appreciate the value of all of the qualities ascribed to the "woman of virtue" in Proverbs 31, and don't deny the benefits of her activities and attitudes, I think we can sometimes forget that she "lived" if there was an actual woman that this passage was written about in a time where everything was about works.

Granted the most important feature of this passage was that "Grace may be deceitful, and beauty vain, but a woman who fears Jehovah, she shall be praised. I think, in the long run, it is better to be a Luke 10 woman namely Mary than a Proverbs 31 woman. Our ability to perform never weighs better in the balance than our love of growing closer to the Lord and hearing from His Word. In fact, we see a perfect example of that contrast when a busy Martha chastises Mary for leaving her to the work while Mary listens to Christ teaching. I am pretty sure this is applicable to us all. Putting Christ first, the other things will take care of themselves.

Thank you for making a place here for people to come and talk about life in Christ. I hope you are able to be able to continue facilitating such a place for a long time. I appreciate your thoughts! The Proverbs 31 Woman was not about an actual woman. It was a mother's advice to the kind about the ideal woman. We cannot work our way to heaven. Anything we do for our families is an act of love, but not a requirement for our salvation.

The reason I list Faith as the number one virtue is because it is the foundation on which everything else is built! Hi, Melissa I have really enjoyed visiting your site. I enjoy your writing and really love the way you broke down Proverbs 31 to help us get to the meat in the passage! I've read it many times and wondered how in the world I'd ever "make it" to that status but never thought to break it down into simpler terms.

I believe your heart and your God-given insights are a blessing to Christian women who are trying hard to swim against the current of modern culture to create godly marriages and homes. Thank you for what you do! Thank you for your site Melissa You're such an inspiration to everyone.. More blessings! Please send me regular updates on your educative series. Hi Melissa. I have written a blog post titled 'Women's size - Does it Matter? I look forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you. I am 15 and I recently got saved around four weeks ago.

I thought I was save years ago but I got away from God and finally after God was trying and trying to get my attention as He did the Israelites in Hosea , I finally answered. I have read through the Bible twice now and I came across proverbs 31 in my daily readings again.

I come away from this chapter now with a new understand of it than I did reading it in previous settings. I'd give fully credit and what ever you want. I just think this I a site for every women to read. I hope God uses this in many different ways to help as many people as possible as it has helped enlighten me in my walk with Christ.

Olivia, I'm so proud of you and your heart for Christ. He is going to do great things through you. I'd be happy for you to share and do appreciate you crediting AVirtuousWoman. Let me know how things go! Thank you so much Melissa I'm truly inspired and may God bless you as you continue with the good work God bless you Hi Pamela! I would love to have you share. I am looking for a short devotional that young Mothers of tweens can present to a church full of Tweens.

We plan to have a lock-in with 10 year and older girls. We would have about an hour to present it and would appreciate some suggestions on building virtuous girls to grow into virtuous women. Hi Lucas, you are welcome to share as long as you include the copyright info: c AVirtuousWoman. Let me know if you have any other questions. Hi Melissa i am from West Africa Ghana searching on more about who a virtuous woman really is low and behold i came across your blog and was really touched by your beautiful words.

Its so inspiring and would like to share with the women's fellowship in my church which i believe will enlighten them and build their faith in the Lord. With humility may i print a few copies to issue out to them to make our studies an interesting one, and would also not forget to give you all the credit. Would be grateful to hear from you. God bless you for the good work done may He grant you more wisdom and insight into His word. Stay bless Melissa. Hi Irene, you are very welcome to share with the women at your church.

I do appreciate you sharing the source: AVirtuousWoman. I hope the ladies are blessed. Thanks Melissa for this write up. Am always happy when I see people who loves God and keep his teachings in this ungodly world of today. Although we have been taught thoroughly about this in our singles Sunday school, I was just searching for a way to summarize it.

And the assignment that was given to us last Sunday was to write out the attributes of a virtuous woman and butress them. As I was browsing through and met this I was happy cause it will help me so much on the assignment by making it easier. Keep blazing the fire. You're so welcome. I hope you are blessed by it! Thank you this is good for womens fellowship how to become a virtuous woman I enjoyed reading this. Hello Melissa Coming from a man's perspective, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to break down the virtuous woman. Unfortunately, I'm divorced and my former wife is not saved but I'm constantly praying for her salvation.

All my life I have been searching for the right woman for me but I didn't realized how clueless i was about knowing what the attributes are for the perfect woman for me. That is until I heard the scripture Proverbs read at Nancy Regan's funeral which was televised. I decided to go back and read it for myself and then I looked it up online and found your posting of the 10 virtues of a virtuous woman.

Thank you so much for breaking it down and relating it to current times. I now know what I'm looking for! I'm so excited to meet her! God bless! Hello, I am conducting a women conference in Uganda at the end of the month and I wanted to know if I can distribute and copy 10 virtues 10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman. I will give credit to a virtiuouswoman. This is well done!! Thanks for sharing your love of Christ and your heart. God Bless,. Hi Melissa, I'm doing a community group for women that will discuss Proverbs I'd like your permission to use your list.

I will definitely give you credit for writing it. It definitely breaks down the verses in an amazing way. Micaela, you are welcome to use the printable of the list. Thank you for giving credit to AVirtuousWoman. I find it interesting that our western culture uses Proverbs 31 as a picture of biblical womanhood when 1 it was written to a man by his mother 2 if King Lemuel really is King Solomon then this proverb was written by Bathsheba and 3 the Jewish men sing this TO their wives, mothers, sisters, etc each week at the beginning of the Sabbath meal in order to praise them for all they do.

Giving praise from the husband to his wife IS the point of the proverb. The book of Proverbs begins with a father telling his son not to chase after promiscuous women. The book ends with a mom giving advice to her son about how to be a man i. How many times has a wife stated that her husband comes home from work and says, "did you get anything done today? Give her credit. Compliment her. Treasure the wife who runs all of the family's affairs while managing people, money, and future investments.

Look at all the women in the NT. Those women were not all in wife or mother roles yet they were addressed directly and encouraged through the letters of Paul to continue in their callings. He would have certainly admonished them if they were not fulfilling their biblical manual of a woman in Proverbs 31! I love your comment Jessica I love your website and blog.

I have been a stay at home mom for most of my married life. I have always felt it was a woman's responsibility to look over her household before going out to work. Being a mother is the most important job of all. When you tune into the spirit realm you may feel your energy shift. To ground yourself back into your body you can do a few simple things:. As you ask for and surrender to divine guidance, miracles will occur more and more often. Your spirit guides want to connect with you. Follow these 10 simple steps to open up the conversation.

I created a FREE 4-track album of guided meditations to help you get spiritually aligned, attract your desires, de-stress and more. All you have to do is press play and listen. Click here to access my FREE meditations! Your email address will not be published. Hi Gabby, thank you for reinforcing that my spirit guides are real and true. Jesus has shown me love and walks with me…is there for me always. So is Genevieve!

She is a tall, slim shadowy figure in a white gown…a little eerie, but is a beautiful being and is here to guide me. I have at times doubted that she is real, but know in my heart that her presence is a part of me.

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Grateful that these tools are resonating with you. Thanks for showing up and sharing here Debra. Big hugs! Hi Annmarie! I recommend practicing the steps in this blog to get grounded and continue to trust your inner guidance. A daily meditation practice and journaling will help you with clarity.

When connecting with your guides, it can feel good to first announce that you welcome in only messages of positivity and the highest vibration. Know that as you move forward with these tools, you will become more comfortable and trust your process. This is the best and most comprehensive information I have encountered to learn about spirit guides.

It is practical and easy to use! Thank you Gabby for being such a spiritual light for us—deeply grateful! I am soon to be 49 years old and not once have I received a sign from my guides or even one single desire from my list!

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  • Are my guides a sleep or just dont care about me or what? Do I have to be dead to finally get all of this or what? All I read is people claim they get signs and all of their desires right away. I have waited 49 years for just one little thing at least out of all the many things I need. Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing here. Being in the place of major appreciation will help you shifts into a space of receiving your signs. Thanks and I actually have been doing that for months about things that I was thankful for even though they were all small things. And my life in every area has been getting much worse as of late.

    So not only no signs at all from my guides and still also not getting any of the things I desire but on top of that things are getting worse and scary for me and my life! So i either dont have guides or they simply dont care about me like they do for others who claim they get endless signs and all of their desires.

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    In fact they claim guides love giving signs and desires. Mine are clearly the opposite of that which is very upsetting. Use meditation and prayer to help you feel centered and more aligned. Hi Gabby, thank you for your website and information. It is sometimes hard to know when to pass it on but I use my judgement. My messages from my guides come through almost daily now and I have to chuckle about it. I always see the number also. I am also an empath which can be exhausting but I use balance, healthy eating and a spiritual approach to life which helps me.

    Wendy x. Beautiful Wendy! When it comes to other people, it is often good to share messages only when someone approaches or asks for your guidance on it. Continue to tap into your inner guidance and knowing and do what feels most grounded for you. Keep shining your light! Hi gabby I have a question that has been in my head for a while, if we connect with our spirits guides those that mean that we will open a door that other bad spirits can go through and interrupt our peace or if we try and connect with our spirit guides those it open something evil or only to pur spirit guides?

    Hi Kenia! Thank you so much I have been over worry about spiritual guide for spiritual thing but this morning I saw you in my dreams and you ask me for spiritual guide so I open my Google search engine then I come across of 10 Simple and Beautiful guide. Please take me more far about spiritual guide for spiritual. Our guides are always coming from a place of love and compassion, aligned with God and Source energy. When communicating with them, you can announce to the Universe that you welcome in messages that are only aligned with this energy.

    All the content on my site is accessible to everyone all over the world. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to my support team by writing to support gabbybernstein. Sitting in meditation will help you connect with your inner guidance, so you can get clarity and be open to what ask for and receive. Well, I feel a spirit guide has been trying to contact me.. I have had a rather tough life, and though I do not necessarily like having labels on me, I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, PTSD amidst other illnesses..

    I am at a very tough stage in my life and I have had a lot of abuse and trauma, though I do not believe any human really is evil, so I do not even want to call what I experienced abuse, it just is hard to move on and let go I am a cancer moon-venus conjunct and my ceres also is cancer- that says it all.

    I have a hard time moving on.. I genuinely am struggling, but I have been called to grow spiritually a lot as of lately.. I already know archangel Michael watches over me, because I have had psychics tell me this and when I have attempted suicide I have had brief encounters with him whilst hospitalized.. Perhaps they do not want to startle me because they want to remain mindful of my trauma? I also am writing a book, and I feel the guide may be wanting to contact me for that, and also, I feel the guide wants me to develop telepathically..

    I am confused, though I am starting to take psychic and mediumship classes, so perhaps it also is trying to introduce itself to me because it will be working with me a lot once I further develop in those regards?.. Thank you for this brave share. When connecting with Spirit Guides, know that they only come from a place of love and support. If it feels unsupportive or negative, this is not a direction to be guided.

    Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself as you continue to strengthen your intuition on your beautiful healing journey. Thank you so much Gabby. I am just getting to know my spirit guide and this has helped me to understand how I can come in more contact with her and ask her for more help. By the way, her name is Jill. I tried this last night and it worked!

    A friend who is a medium has been telling me that I have an ancestor who wants to communicate with me. But, when I did this last night I got the messages loud and clear during meditation and got a HUGE one in a dream and she has been guiding me all day. Thank you so much! I think being specific about what I needed help with helped a lot. Hi, Gabby.

    I have always believed I have spirit guides. But, a dear friend posed a question to me that I cannot answer. I hope you can help us both understand. Instead of calling on our spirit guides, why not call on God? Hope you can help us with this quandry. Thanks so much. You can speak directly to God if that feels more aligned to you:. Thanks Gabby. This was really a clear and well written article.

    So thank you for your step by step process. Hopefully I can get the bliss you have. I was in a place where I felt small and weak with no power and thinking the world out there is just living to think low of me and not seeing my talent or my strength. This is beautiful! Grateful that these tools are serving you.

    Love reading about your major shifts! This is so helpful. Last night, I asked for a sign for something I wanted help with and the track I am on. One of the first signs that popped into my head to look out for with this request was a dove, and, to your point, I just went with it, even though my brain krept in to remind me I live in NYC and where would a dove appear. I let that go and went about my day today. I got a lot of other signs that often show themselves to me…number sequences, etc and then I went on Instagram and there was video post of doves being released.

    I smiled and said thank you as I knew that was the sign I asked for. I thanked my guides for all the signs today, but this one resonated differently and reminded me too, it may not show up the way we expect it…. Thank you for all of this. Loving being part of this community!

    10 Most Beautiful Faces According To Science

    Thank You for this wonderful info. I have connected with my Spirit guide. He claims his name is roland. I will spare all the details because I think I am still in awe, after the dream I had about him introducing himself to me. I am questioning myself about how much of this is my imagination and my mind playing tricks.

    Oh my as I am typing this my back door that is open just closed very slowy. It is not a windy day. A great way to continue to connect is through a meditation practice. Meditating and sitting quietly will allow you to feel grounded, get clarity, and receive messages. Hi gabby I would love to find out who my spirit guides are not only that but find out more about myself. Dear Gabby, i have been in this spiritual journey for years and it has been a roller coaster journey until recently. On the road of healing myself I have been received guidance from many inspirational people through their books and YouTube videos.

    On day I accidentally watched your video, bought your book and now I am reading your blog. So thank you, for being with me in this journey through sharing your experiences and tools. Tho we are thousands of miles away but I can feel your vibe and positive energy. Thank you so much, Gabby for all the guidance. I feel like I was meant to read your blog and connect with you.

    Wow this is gold! I am so grateful to receive such pertinent information at this stage of my journey, divine timing is awesome! Thank you Gabby for everything you do, I love all your work and am so grateful to have been led to your books and the fantastic teachings they contain. May I also offer my congratulations on your fabulous news — you will be such a cool mummy, so happy for you!

    Wow, this is gold. So happy to be receiving this information just now, divine timing is awesome! Thank you for everything you do Gabby, I am grateful for being led to your teachings and I just love everything you do. Congratulations on your happy news also, you are going to be an amazing mummy x. Thank you Gabby for this beautiful article. Yes, I think I need to reconnect with my guides and truly believe in them. In the last three years, I buried a loved one each year and that pushed me a bit off centre and into a survival mode..

    Today is a great day to connect and be open to the universe. Be gentle and patient with your process XOX. Thank you Gabby. You ROCK!!! How will I know. This is funny and kind of awesome. I have heard my guide speak to me twice before when I was in danger, so I know it is a man. It is a voice I would recognize. I have never thought about asking for his name, so I thought I would give it a try just now. This is what went through my mind exactly:. Adrian it is. Thank you for your guidance. Do you think this is why children have imaginary friends? There are different reasons children see imaginary friends.

    Children are very in tune with their intuitions and imaginations. The imaginary friend can be their intuitive guidance spirit guide coming forward. Thank you Gabby, such wonderful timing as I continue to take huge steps in my life to better my life to become whole in many areas of my life. Gabby, you connect so beautifully with us, your readers. Like you, I have always felt the presence of guides in my life faeries as a very young girl and with the birth of both my daughters I was visited by beautiful spirits: on a very windy night after my youngest was born a family of owls flew into a tree in our backyard in Sydney and took refuge there for some weeks!

    I felt they were reassuring me that everything would be ok, and I loved that each day we could walk outside and look up and see that they were doing ok too! Love and thanks for your inspiration, Felicity xx p. I am so excited! I really needed to read this. I am so grateful fo that. Thank you for breaking it down so that I can be more intentional about this. Thank you Gaby I like to tell you that as I read I begin to write te steps and continue writing: I knew what was the next one! GREAT post!

    Thx for the inspiration! Thank you! If you have any suggestions for sitting in stillness I welcome it. I tried the free-writing with my spirit guides for the first time today and what came through was truly incredible. My gut instincts or spirit guides! This email in itself was spirit speaking to me! Thank you Gabby! I really loved this blog G. Trusting your psychic abilities is when the magic happens.

    I had been told I was psychic my whole life… but I was scared. Once I trusted my angels, there was a shift. So grateful for this. Thank you so much for all your posts. I started to call in my guidance but Why am I so affraid for them to really answer me.? I get very scared even to think about it.

    I used to believe they good and bad existed and then tuned myself out of it and decided not to believe any more. These past experiences have likely freaked you out about what it means to connect with a spirit guide. When you do this you can be sure that you are receiving guidance only from wise and loving guides. But it does mean that you will be supported. Your guides will direct you to the people, situations and resources you need.

    Wow is all I can say. I put it back to have a think about it and I asked the universe to give me a sign if it would be a good gift for her. Ps: started reading your book for the third time today! Never gets old xx. Our earth angel much love and light. I did all these steps last night- my guide told me beautiful things and one practical piece of information as my husband away she said go downstairs and lock the door, I was sure I had done this but went to check and yes it was unlocked. Beautiful work.

    Huge gratitude to you.

    Earth is your sweet spot: a woman's guide to living beautifully by Ellae | eBay

    Gabby, I have been truly blessed to have come across your teachings! This past weekend, I was having an incredibly rough time and watched many of your videos, including the one about connecting with our Spirit Guides. The sign I asked for was a rainbow. You said they could come in many forms, and I was filled with surprise, gratitude and love when the next day I went into a clothing store and it had a huge rainbow raft.

    I had never tried that before! Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand New Book. Earth Is Your Sweet Spot provides inspiration through the authors rich language and practical advice in the form of exercises for visualizations, breathing, Qi Gong movements, and other easy-to-implement actions for personal growth.

    Seller Inventory NLF More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory Book Description Confluence Books, Seller Inventory MX. Never used!. Seller Inventory PX. Book Description Confluence Books. Seller Inventory NEW Ellae Ellinwood ; Mary Lanier.