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  1. 26 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Band or DJ Before Hiring Them
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  3. How to Pick All of Your Wedding Music

26 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Band or DJ Before Hiring Them

Confirm that backup equipment is available. After all, even the best equipment can falter. An essential wedding planning tip is simply communication. Let your DJ know your preferences and those songs not to play. Provide a schedule of events like the first dance, cake cutting and garter toss so there are no distractions.

Make sure the contract clearly outlines responsibilities and expectations. Also, make sure the DJ who turns up is the one you wanted.

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By following these wedding DJ tips, you will insure a stress-free, enjoyable reception. Considering Live Wedding Reception Music? Classic Wedding Songs. Modern Wedding Songs for the Ceremony. How to Create the Perfect First Dance. Please Wait. Ask the below questions when you meet with any potential musicians to find the right fit for you. If you want an elegant cocktail party with lots of casual conversation, a band that describes itself as "rock and roll with a whole lotta edge" is a music mismatch.

Seeing them perform live will give you the best idea about what your wedding entertainment would actually sound and feel like.

While most musicians and the couples that hire them mutually agree in advance that the wedding is closed to prospective clients, some will have mini "concerts" for the public to attend and see whether they're a good fit or not. Your musicians may need an extension cord, backup generator or other supplies, and it's important to know this beforehand.

The band or DJ should be able to play, learn or download any tune you'd like. If you're interviewing a DJ, you want to know if they work with a partner, and if it's a band, who exactly would be there on the day of. Note: Hiring only a portion of an amazing band is a smart way to stick to a strict budget.

How to Pick All of Your Wedding Music

Find out exactly what equipment they bring, and what you need to rent or borrow from the venue. You'll also want to know if you'll have to hide equipment if it's particularly unsightly with draping, for instance.

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You want your wedding to be a beautiful event, not look like an electronics store. The day of the wedding, someone needs to set up the sound system—usually a person from the company supplying the music. You'll need to give the name of the person to the venue coordinator and arrange a time that works for everyone. You want to have a plan for dealing with volume control and sound-sensitive guests. Here's the deal: What your year-old cousin thinks is the perfect volume is different from what your year-old grandma is willing to put up with.

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If you have a fun dance-off going, you don't want people who aren't participating to have to shout like they're at a crowded bar. A potential band or DJ will usually have several professional choices for you to pick from, such as a tuxedo or simple coordinated outfits, like black shirts and slacks.

Some musicians and DJs will have a minimum amount of time they'll play. But beyond that, you'll also want to know how many breaks they'll need and how long they'll be , and the backup plan for those breaks such as approved filler music. Tip: Build in these breaks and offer food to your musicians—you don't want their energy to drag before the last dance. Check what the protocol will be for making sure your guests hear their favorite tunes—if you even want them to have that creative control.

A particular pro may prefer to get requests in certain ways probably not shouted at them while they're working.

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  • It isn't guaranteed that your bandleader or DJ will introduce the speech givers, announce your first dance or tell people when dinner is served. Sometimes, a planner will do that or even the best man or maid of honor. Clarify this before you hire them. You're trying to determine how experienced they are—not only how long they've been doing weddings, but also how often.