Manual Five Minutes Millionaire: Life is nothing but experience of emotions in a moment of time

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I had to move in with my parents. It was the most humbling experience of my life. I decided I would not let this stop me. I got a job in the mortgage industry again in In , I closed more than loans. I was once again on my way to becoming a millionaire by age Then, in , my mortgage loan originator license was denied, and I lost my job doing loans.

This time I wasn't going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe again. I had to create my own hustle and control my own destiny.

10 things you need to give up if you want to be wealthy and successful

Towards the end of , I started on the path I still walk today. It's been hell. I've had to sacrifice it all to get here. But it was all part of the journey. Becoming a millionaire was not easy for me this time around.

Best New Music — June 28,

That first million is hard. People who start out with money from their parents have a huge advantage over the rest of us. Making a million doing what you like is not always easy. It's fun, but not always easy. Let's talk about what it means to be a millionaire. According to the dictionary, a millionaire is someone who has a net worth of a million dollars in assets.

I don't have a million dollars in cash laying around. I'm not that wealthy yet. Unless you are a multi-millionaire, it makes no sense to keep cash. Stale cash does not appreciate; you must buy appreciating assets with it -- hence net worth. In all reality, there are a lot of millionaires who you'd never guess were millionaires. I did loans for guys who worked for the U. Your neighbor who owns his home outright and both his cars? He's probably a millionaire. It's not always mansions and lambos. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Each of these assets produce money for me monthly, just like renting out a home.

I sold my last two homes at the end of , but I usually have a home or two as well.

2. Keep a daily journal, but do it the right way.

It's never enough. I'm doing what I can not to lose what I have. I have to find ways to grow. I live in a penthouse where the elevator is my front door. I lease the penthouse too, so it's not included in my assets. In my situation, it makes better financial sense to lease. I buy income properties and live in rentals.

I don't rent private jets or stay at the penthouse at the Ritz every time I travel. I could do those things, but they are not the best use of my money right now. Until then, I fly coach, stay at the Hilton and keep hustling all I can. The best part about being a millionaire is being able to help others in ways I wasn't helped. I'm able to provide stuff for my employees and partners that no one gave me. It's a win-win. Very few millionaires don't work.

The ones that don't are usually trust funders or inheritance types. Those of us who've worked for it, want to work for more of it. It's the reason Warren Buffet goes to work every day. Over the last six years, I've helped others become millionaires. That's where it's really at. I love it when everyone is winning. I became a millionaire at age I'm well on track to crush that goal. Maybe then, I'll write again about what it's like to have a multi-million dollar liquid bank account. Until then I'm going to do what most millionaires do.

I'm going to work. Presidents appeared on the television series Laugh-In? Richard Nixon. Since then, millionaires have become rarer, and the questions have gotten harder. The last big winner was Sam Murray , who took home the ultimate prize after appearing in a special tournament version of the show in Instead, the producers seem to focus on making the show work as an entertaining television program rather than a trivia-based get-rich-quick scheme. When I arrived at the studio on a morning in October, it was obvious the producers liked me.

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So I was able to relax during the day-and-a-half I waited in semisequestration in the contestant-holding area, talking and joking with the producers. And the producers liked me for it. About 20 minutes before I was supposed to play, my producer came up to me with an idea.

This seemed really stupid, which is why I loved it.

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I tested out the move, and the producers clapped and cheered. This is television. Backstage, right before I was about to play, I joked about how I was going to burn all three of my lifelines on the very first question, and then announce that I was going to take my money and walk away. The producers laughed, and then set me straight. They got it. The stage manager cued me into position the next morning. Terry Crews made his entrance.

Instead of walking over to the podium like a normal person, I lassoed Crews with an invisible rope, just like the producers had taught me. He seemed surprised at first, but then he got into it. Things just got easier from there. I hesitate to say this, both because of how the game ended and how this makes me sound, but it was easy. It was really easy. The trick was to trust my instincts, and not let self-doubt force a premature exit.

And I was. Kelly reminded me that the question said infamous. She had a good point. I went with Oswald. I was right. I picked her up and carried her over to Crews for a jubilant group hug. As I approached the big money, the questions only got easier. The last one before the Classic Millionaire round was about old-timey magazines.

I knew this because for the previous three years, on a daily basis, I had been going to the website Sporcle and taking the same damn Alphabetical Countries quiz , to the point where I can now list all nations in six minutes. My book is about the World Wide Web.

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With every new addition to my bank, my excitement grew. In 15 minutes, after answering a couple of questions, I had become rich. In the history of the syndicated version of Millionaire , according to the fan site wwtbam. All but four of them have either answered the question correctly or chosen to walk away. The last person to answer the question incorrectly was a year-old California man named Chris Ngoon, in October Most reasonable people, if they get to that point and don't know the answer, choose to take their money and walk away.

A: Declaring war. B: Crowning a royal. Taking the oath of office. D: Passing a budget. But I was confident I could eliminate two of the four choices—A and C—which left me with a 50 percent chance of getting it right. I felt the nervous energy of the audience. It seemed reasonable. The coronation of a new monarch was a celebratory occasion, and reason enough to drink.

Plus, there was a brand of liquor called Crown Royal. It made sense to me at the time.

How Successful People Stay Calm

I would have done well to heed it. I cupped my hand to my ear theatrically. Crews motioned me over to his podium and put his hand on my shoulder. The audience erupted into spontaneous applause. It was probably the worst thing that could have happened. Crowning a royal. On my way back to New York, I held the steering wheel of my car like the lever on an armed grenade, my grip the only thing stopping an explosion.

My sister and friends replayed the show from the passenger seats. Everyone was so impressed. I realized now that I had played poorly on the last question. If I had, I might have realized that obviously the House of Commons has nothing to do with the royal coronation. Once I realized that, what would I have done? I played too fast at exactly the wrong moment. I got back to Brooklyn. I buried my head in a sofa cushion and cried. I decided to drive to Boston, where I have family. I called my sister and begged her to come with me. The next day, I stalked the streets of Boston with no destination in mind.

My book deadline was impending. So why was this hitting me so hard? My sister had sat in the studio audience for two days waiting for me to take my turn. His team lost. He was crushed. Someone else might have passed the ball. But I took the shot. At the time, when I heard that story, I rolled my eyes.

Well, of course Crews wants contestants to take the shot. When was the last time I had actually taken the shot? Had I ever been willing to risk almost everything, and court existential pain and public humiliation, for a chance at some greater reward? I had spent my adult life taking interim steps, half measures. I called Kelly, my in-studio lifeline. I was semihysterical. I need to derive more meaning from the loss than I would from the win.

In the months since I taped the show, friends and colleagues have routinely asked me for details. When I say this, people generally assume that I won a lot of money. And I guess I did. Twenty-five thousand dollars is a lot of money. It brought back all the old feelings: excitement, regret, self-loathing.

I still wish it had actually been correct. But what I mostly felt was: I can do this. I owned that show. I commanded the stage. The proof is right there!

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And she was right. I think I could get acting work off of this tape.